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Our Land Use and Site Planning Services

Land Use Planning refers to the determination of how human and other uses should be accomodated in the landscape. Site Planning and design includes the layout of all outdoor uses on a particular piece of property and the design of the varied components that make that use possible.

To plan and design projects that will be placed in the landscape requires an awareness of:
  • the natural and artificial environment,
  • the social and recreational characteristics of a population
  • the political & economic attributes of the community or region that the designed place is destined to serve.
This provides a context for the design of community-wide or site-specific strategies or projects that are environmentally sound, socially-based and suited to long-term sustainability. Furthermore, it requires an aesthetic sense of what is appropriate or vernacular for an area combined with what is pragmatic and durable and fits within the cost parameters set by the builder or developer.

Composite Inc has a range of experience in this area that includes the following:
  • Community Master Planning
  • Public Facility Planning
  • Residential Community Design
  • Adult Community and Assisted Living Design
  • Commercial Development Design
    • Power Centers
    • Retail Shopping
  • Hospitality Component Siting
    • Dining
    • Lodging
  • Transportation Node Landscape Design
  • Open Space, Trail & Greenway Planning & Design
  • Planting Design
Complementing this experience are other planning skills that have enabled us to provide appropriate and responsible plans:
  • Environmental Analysis including Wetlands
  • Visual Resource & Impact Assessment
  • Ecological & Habitat-based Design
  • Landscape Architectural Design
  • Community Visioning
  • Accessibility Plans
  • Planting Design
  • Cost Estimating

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