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Our Urban Design Services

Planning and design in an urban environment can be challenging. Responsible urban design requires durable, safe, socially-based solutions suited to long-term sustainability.

It requires an awareness of the existing surroundings, the social and recreational characteristics of a population, and the political & economic attributes of the community or region that the designed place is destined to serve.

Composite Inc has a range of experiences in this area that include the following:
  • Downtown Revitalization Planning
  • Streetscape Design
  • Urban Park and Greenspace Design
  • Planning for Tourism Strategies & Destinations
  • Trail & Greenway Planning & Design
  • Memorial Conception & Siting
Complementing these experiences are other planning skills that have enabled us to provide appropriate and responsible plans:
  • Environmental Analysis including Wetlands
  • Visual Resource & Impact Assessment
  • Ecological & Habitat-based Design
  • Landscape Architectural Design
  • Planting Design
  • Community Visioning
  • Grant Application Support

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