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Michael J. LoFurno's Resume

Landscape Architect /Professional Planner

Michael LoFurno is a Landscape Architect and Professional Planner. In 1995, he was a founder of Composite, Inc. and currently is the sole owner and President of the corporation. He brings his personal insight and attention to every project the firm undertakes.

Michael LoFurno was graduated in 1980 from The Pennsylvania State University with high honors. For fifteen years he was employed at a nationally-recognized planning and design firm located in Philadelphia. He moved through the ranks from site planner to group director and held the position of Director of Consulting Services and Project Manager for the last five years of his association with that firm.

He was responsible for overseeing all professional work generated by the firm. He worked closely with the president and project managers while scheduling and reviewing all work generated by the varied disciplines that provided services to the firm's clients.

Michael has considerable experience with integrative environmental and cultural analysis, land planning, site design and landscape architecture. His special career interest has been in planning and design of the environment with emphasis on large and small scale community, office and commercial development on environmentally-sensitive and politically-problematic sites. He has been recognized for his contributions to resource conservation and has received several design awards.

During his career he has been committed to advancement of the Landscape Architectural profession and has served on many design juries and project review panels for landscape architectural and other professions. In addition, he has taught workshops and has served as guest lecturer at several universities and at state and national conferences. In addition, Michael has published widely on topics of interest to Landscape Architects and others with emphasis on ecology and development.

Michael strives to maintain a balance between environmental capacity and the strong demands of the marketplace when preparing plans for the disposition of land for both public and private clients.

Professional Work Experience
  • Site Analysis
  • Land Planning
  • Master Planning - public & private
  • Residential Developments
  • Commercial Centers
  • Industrial and Office Parks
  • Recreational Planning and Design
  • Mixed Use Developments
  • Garden Design
  • B.S. Landscape Architecture, summa cum laude, May 1980
Professional Registration
  • American Institute of Certified Planners
  • Delaware Landscape Architect #352
  • New Jersey Landscape Architect #AS00184
  • New Jersey Professional Planner #4838
  • New York Landscape Architect #001180-1
  • Pennsylvania Landscape Architect #733E
Professional Membership
  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • American Planning Association
Activities and Organizations
  • AIA Community Design Collaborative, volunteer
  • American Society of Landscape Architects, member
  • Humboldt Society, charter member
  • New Jersey Mycological Association, member
  • Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, member
  • Philadelphia Botanical Club, member

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