A Multilevel Garden
Set at Angles

Society Hill, (Philadelphia) PA

Angled garden on three levels provides for contemporary yet elegant outdoor living.

Philadelphia's Society Hill



neighborhood is an intimate place where old meets new at every turn. Many homes in the neighborhood posess only "postage-stamp" gardens. In a space of only 16 x 40 feet, this garden feels much larger. By canting the layout of the patio areas at an angle to the walls that contain it, Composite was able to create a far more interesting space than the previous linear layout.

Composite Inc. prepared the Garden Plan and constructed all of the garden components. Due to the sloped nature of the garden, Compositeās landscape architects developed a multilevel scheme that provided opportunities for dining, relaxing, and socializing. Two existing trees were incorporated into the design. A combination of well-selected materials for the pavement, trellis, and seatwalls blends old and new. Plants were selected for their textural characteristics and year-round seasonal interest. The owner selected classically-inspired ornaments to set against the modern lines of the outdoor rooms. Generous steps enable movement from one level to the next.
Understated lighting highlights the garden's features throughout the evening.

The project demonstrates how a contemporary design can transform a lackluster yard into an elegant setting for outdoor living.

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