Delran Town Center
(Burlington County) NJ

Planning for economic development goes hand-in-hand with civic planning.

For many years, development
Master Plan
along US130 was simply one lot deep in typical commercial strip style. As markets changed and demographics improved in the area, a visionary developer sought not only to provide opportunities for larger sized retailers, but also to create a new identity for the community. Composite Inc. prepared a visionary plan to convert underutilized and outmoded businesses to more profitable centers and also to reinforce the township's high school by providing both public and private recreation opportunities on adjacent lands.

Major road reconfigurations were planned to simplify the chaotic appearance of the strip and to provide appropriate links between major roadways in ways that were never anticipated when the strip was developed piece-meal. The developer proposed shouldering the recreational facilities of the high school with a bike trail, wetland walkways, and a private driving range. All these elements were included in the Master Plan for the new Town Center - an economic and civic center for the community.

Acquisition of land holdings for the first phase of the project - the retail center - is nearly complete and construction is expected to begin in the Spring of 2000.

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