An Outdoor Garden
for Entertaining

Queen Village
(Philadelphia) PA

Redesign of Garden Creates Opportunities for Entertaining

What do restaurateurs do
when they're not planning menus, seating patrons, and bussing tables? Why, they have friends over, of course!

When two restaurant owners appoached Composite to redesign their backyard, their mandate was simple - accomodate large parties, quiet dinners, and give them a space to read the paper - all in a dark and dreary 20 x 30 feet space. Composite's landscape architect devised a plan that removed the rotting railroad ties, changed the levels from sunken to raised, brightened up the entire space, and swapped angles for curves. When completed, the garden nearly doubled the couple's entertaining space by providing an outdoor extension to both the lofty living room and the professionally renovated kitchen.

Composite Inc. prepared the Garden Plan and constructed all of the garden components. A small raised deck at the rear of the garden includes a wet bar, serving area, and storage. In contrast to the clean square lines of the house designed by architect Cecil Baker, the garden is a medley of curves that embrace areas for dining, relaxing, and socializing. Several mature trees were preserved in the design. The red brick patio was reshaped and edged with cobblestone. A small circle of red tipple creates the transition between the patio and the curved deck, flanked on one side by a curved fountain pool complete with goldfish. Two tones of gray stain on the deck are accented with a bold stripe of red that ties in with the tipple and brick.

The project provides a contemporary solution for entertaining both small and large groups while providing soothing views from every window in the home.

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