Houvenkopf Parkway
Mahwah Township
(Bergen County) NJ

Creating a parkway with minimal ecological disturbance.

In order to access a
proposed park on the crest of the Ramapo Mountains in northern New Jersey, this parkway was designed to create minimal visual and ecological disturbance. Careful analysis was required in order to understand the site's natural character and to accurately map the vegetation, rock outcrops, watercourses, archeological sites, utility crossings, and steeply sloping areas. The roadway was sited to provide everchanging views and vistas in both directions.

The road climbs 140 meters (450ft) from the base of Houvenkopf Mountain to the summit of Herman Hill. While grades of more than 25% were common on the tract, a maximum grade of 14% was achieved along the proposed road. By splitting the road into one-way sections, the impact on wetland habitat was minimized.

mt. top view rocky road

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