Tippin's Pond
& Fish House Cove

Pennsauken Township
(Burlington County) NJ

A plan was created and
fishing pier
ice skating
implemented to formalize public access to an area traditionally used for fishing and passive recreation that was given to the township.

Assessment of the tidal influence of the Delaware River and stormwater fluctuations were required to determine the safest ways to provide formal public access to the pond and cove. An entranceway and parking lot were designed and built to accomodate both school busses and automobiles. Access to the riverine wetlands and to the freshwater pond is enabled by a wooden boardwalk and fishing pier. A fire circle was built at the pondÔs edge to provide for all-season use. Native plantings were added to complement the existing woods and edges and to provide habitat for wildlife.

The park was built with assistance from the state and Federal governments and is well used by township residents for fishing, ice skating, and strolling. School programs make regular use of the facility for nature programs.

sunset view of Deleware River

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