House of Umoja
Carroll Park
(Philadelphia County) PA

In an urban area of
sitting garden
growing area
Philadelphia, this nonprofit organization has established a food distribution network and sought to establish their own food-growing areas and an area for recreation and contemplation. Two gardens were designed to accomplish the project goals.

The sitting garden was designed with an Islamic theme to address the cultural heritage of the organizationās founder. Raised planters filled with herbs and flowers were located around a water feature and arched structure reminiscent of Moorish architecture. Sightlines were established to provide maximum visiblity and security in this urban neighborhood.

The growing garden was designed for maximum efficiency while providing an attractive appearance. Provisions were made for composting, storage, and truck pickup and delivery for the food production operation. Raised beds permit maximum crop production and rotation. The growing garden was built using volunteer labor and with donated funds. Educational programs are offered by the Cooperative Extension Service at the garden.

volunteers with greens

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