Quiet Retreat
Fitler Square
(Philadelphia) PA

Garden Makeover Spells Relief

A busy professional couple appoached
Composite to redesign their backyard with a simple desire: give us a restful place for quiet breakfasts and dinners. Composite landscape architect Michael LoFurno devised a plan that removed the rotting railroad ties and ground level deck, removed the level changes to make the space seem larger, and swapped angles for curves. Composite Inc. prepared the plans and constructed the garden. The design employs a simple circle to enclose the dining area and plants staged beneath an ascending serviceberry and a graceful hemlock. The two large trees were preserved in the design and provide a restful backdrop to the woodland-style setting. The flagstone was salvaged from another patio and reshaped to fit the design; this area is edged with bricks recycled from on site. A solid granite fountain bubbles peacefully, surrounded by ferns and other plants. Songbirds perch in the lowest tree branches and visit the fountain regularly. The new fence -- stained in a soft green color -- provides a pleasant backdrop. The garden provides a contemporary solution for quiet dining and relaxing by employing traditional materials in a refined way.

Composite Inc specializes in the transformation of small urban spaces into special places that reflect the tastes and sensibilities of their owners. We provide landscape design and construction services for projects that range from intimate gardens to large-scale developments and greenways.

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